Loss adjuster noun 1. (insurance) a person qualified to adjust losses incurred through fire, explosion, accident, theft, natural disaster, etc, to agree the loss and the compensation to be paid

What is a loss adjuster?

Loss Adjusters are independent claims specialists appointed by Insurance Companies to investigate, negotiate and agree the conclusion of insurance claims.

Loss adjusters work under a Royal Charter and most are members of the Chartered Institute of Loss Adjusters (CILA) which operates to a code ensuring standards of professionalism and ethical conduct are maintained at all times.

Further information about CILA can be obtained from their website


Handling a claim

At Woodgate & Clark, as soon as a claim is notified to us we make immediate contact with you and your broker to explain our involvement and establish the immediate requirements of your claim.

We then arrange for our most appropriate loss adjuster to handle the claim, taking into consideration their expertise and the type of loss.

An appointment will be arranged for our loss adjuster to visit the location of the loss in order to discuss the claim. We aim for this visit to be undertaken as soon as possible in order to agree an appropriate strategy, as we believe that early attendance by the loss adjuster is the best way to set your claim on the right path.

During the appointment our loss adjuster will talk to you about the circumstances of incident, what steps should be taken to ensure that the effect on your business is kept to a minimum and what further information may be required. Advice will also be given on how to present your claim.

Many business owners have very little experience of dealing with the consequences of a claim, whereas our loss adjusters routinely deal with these issues and so can provide the experience and support needed.

Having the ability to talk to someone face to face, who can guide you through the common problems which can arise, and discuss with you appropriate strategies, can be invaluable.

The same loss adjuster will usually continue to handle your claim until conclusion and will be your main point of contact.

Our loss adjuster will map out at each stage which party is responsible for their role in your claim, so everyone is clear as to exactly what is going on.

Sometimes we may need to appoint other independent specialists such as forensic scientists in order to establish the cause of a loss or cleaning and restoration specialists to help mitigate the loss. Where this is necessary we explain fully their function and role in your claim and ensure that their involvement does not cause any unnecessary delays.

It is always our intention to progress all claims as quickly as possible although there are necessary checks undertaken. These include making sure that the claim falls within the terms of the insurance policy and that the sums insured on the policy are adequate.

It may also be necessary to obtain instructions from insurers before your claim can be progressed. Where such instructions are required they will be obtained with minimum delay, and we will discuss with you the likely timescales and what action should be taken in the meantime.

Once Insurers have accepted a claim, we will always look to agree the value of claim as soon as possible in order to bring a satisfactory resolution for all parties involved.

We would also look to provide early interim payments in order to assist with the cash flow difficulties which can arise following damage or loss, and how losses can be effectively mitigated with the right strategies and support in place.