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We handle the full range of both commercial and domestic subsidence claims, from large and complex to high-net-worth domestic claims.

Subsidence claims can be emotive and variable, which is why our approach to subsidence claims is bespoke and tailored to client needs.

Subsidence claims are individually led by one of our specialist in-house Engineers or Surveyors with expert validation support, managing the entire process, from the beginning to the end of the claim.

With our broad experience in all types of claims, we have a considerable bank of knowledge and expertise in various specialist fields to support the claims process for subsidence, including:

  • Aerial inspections, drones
  • Chartered civil and structural engineers
  • Chartered surveyors
  • Dropin – remote video surveys
  • Environmental and oil contamination consultants
  • Fraud and special investigations
  • Glazing specialists
  • Heritage building consultants
  • Site investigations, arborists and legal experts 
  • Timber specialist consultants
  • Valuation surveyors