Cracked brick wall

Domestic subsidence

Our service focuses on prompt and accurate diagnosis so that a positive action plan can be quickly implemented, giving your customer peace of mind.

The customer journey begins with an in-depth and comprehensive telephone call with a subsidence expert from the Specialist Services team. This enables us to fully understand the nature and extent of damage, potential causes and the principal concerns of your customer. Depending on the circumstances, this initial call may be additionally enhanced by remote video technology.

Using the knowledge gained from the call and applying further desktop research, we can immediately appoint the most appropriate experts to move the claim forward. We often appoint experts in tandem, thus avoiding any unnecessary delays in decision-making.

Through our contractor network, Quadrassist, we have direct access to relevant expertise and have national coverage of engineers, surveyors, site investigation contractors, arborists, drainage contractors and building contractors, all of whom have undergone our stringent due diligence.