Van Ameyde McAuslands began as McAusland & Turner, a UK marine surveying and consulting firm, back in 1888.

Van Ameyde McAuslands is the oldest Marine Surveying and Consulting firm in continuous operation in the Port of Hull and is synonymous with quality being a regulated Lloyd’s Agent and accredited to ISO 9001:2015. Our surveyors and consultants bring a unique blend of expertise and are represented in various professional bodies.

McAuslands joined Van Ameyde’s marine network in 2019, providing marine services across the globe. With offices in UK and overseas, we have an ambitious international expansion strategy.

Services include:

  • Marine consultancy
  • Risk assessment and loss prevention
  • Super yachts and pleasure craft
  • Cargo
  • Fuel and liquid cargoes
  • Car and vehicle inspections
  • Hull and machinery
  • Casualty investigation
  • Academy

Find out more here: Van Ameyde McAuslands.