Man on construction site

Specialist liability

This division specialises in professional indemnity and construction risks.

When dealing with claims against professionals, it is frequently the case that a mature and sophisticated approach is warranted, as such claims can be deeply personal to the individual involved.

It is essential that adjusters have the skills to deal appropriately with all of the issues which are likely to be crucial in determining where liability may arise, in an open and informative way, and ensure that the insured feels that their voice has been heard. Almost always, the best results are obtained when an insured is an integral part of the process.

Our approach to all such claims is to consider both the currently pleaded claim, but also to explore whether there are any other potential weaknesses in an Insured’s position, to ensure that we are ready to successfully defend matters where allegations change over the course of a claim, as further evidence emerges.

This ability to predict anticipated allegations underpins our extremely low settlement statistics, as it enables us to obtain contemporaneous evidence, both witness and forensic, to answer criticism of an Insured with a robust and well-supported response.

Richard Craddock

Richard Craddock, Major and Complex Loss Adjuster


Richard has over 30 years of relevant experience as a liability adjuster, including account and branch management.

He is an Associate of the Chartered Institute of Loss Adjusters and currently handles major and complex claims across a broad range of commercial and industrial sectors throughout the UK.