Kasia Hoyle excited to start the New Generation Programme

Kasia Hoyle is another Woodgate & Clark rising star who has been chosen to participate in the New Generation Programme, representing the claims part of the profession.

She will follow in the footsteps of Oliver Waterman, who successfully completed the Chartered Institute of Insurers programme last year.

Kasia, a history graduate, has had a varied career in insurance already, with previous stints at GAB Robins (now Crawford) and Cunningham Lindsey, now Sedgewick, before joining Woodgate & Clark in 2019, and has extensive management experience.

She is eager to get started on the prestigious course for under 35s, which involves interactive sessions with an MP and key figures from regulatory bodies, as well as media and leadership training.

“We are often stuck in our little bubbles, and only think about training from the point of view of ‘is this is something I really need in my day-to-day job,’” Katia said. “Whereas this is about looking at the bigger picture of where the industry is.”

The highly competitive programme asks all hopefuls to submit a project idea for the team of successful applicants to work on. The project is designed to address issues affecting the claims sector today and help drive change in the industry.

Kasia’s idea focused on the challenges for the industry of the workforce now working from home. In particular, she wants to address the question of how to maintain a company culture, support training and attract new talent in this ‘new normal’ of remote working.

“Learning the job remotely is very hard,” she said. “When you are in the office, you listen to others and pick up a lot, and I think we lose out there.”

The final project is yet to be defined, but the team are looking at ways of addressing this challenge along with looking at how technology has the potential to transform the industry.

Kasia will have to face the challenge herself of starting the programme remotely, as the pandemic and lockdown measures continue into next year.

“It will be a useful case study to see what works remotely and what is better done face-to-face,” she said.

Along with that experience, Kasia is excited to get the opportunity to meet and work with others from different parts of the industry.

“I come from a commercial adjusting background, but there are people from travel insurance, motor insurance and marine insurance, among others. Those areas are so specialised, it will be interesting to compare and understand what the common problems and challenges are,” she said.

The programme, which will last for one year, culminates in a special dinner for all participants, usually held at Guildhall – but that won’t be the final word for Kasia.

“I hope I will be able to use this experience to open up a discussion, and hopefully I can add some value to that conversation,” she added.

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