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Woodgate & Clark Collaborates with Insurtech Rocket ES to Digitise Claims Data Collection

Posted on 04 September 2023

Rocket Reporting Solution Makes Loss Adjuster AI Ready

Shunning ‘off the shelf’ solutions, Woodgate & Clark, one of the U.K’s leading specialist loss adjusters has created a totally digitised claims reporting system, designed by its own loss adjusters in partnership with insurtech Rocket ES.

Woodgate & Clark’s Rocket Reporting solution simplifies and personalises the in-field claims investigation process based on the parameters Woodgate & Clark have set, while allowing a level of flexibility and autonomy for the loss adjusting team. Uniquely, it puts the customer’s feedback at the heart of the process, enabling loss adjusters to gather information and images in a logical and flexible way based on each individual claim.

Using Rocket’s highly flexible platform, the tablet friendly software solution not only streamlines the experience for the claimant, it reduces time spent on site, improves the quality and speed of reporting to insurance providers and helps expedite claims outcomes. The digital reports can be machine-read by the insurer for automatic follow-up processes such as the commissioning of a repair service solution, and data can easily be interrogated to support claims strategies. 

Nick Turner, Head of Surveying at Woodgate & Clark said: “The quality of information gathering on a site visit to a claimant determines the course of that claim yet much of that process has remained inflexible with rigid question-sets that can be irrelevant to the claim, wasting time and creating a poor experience for the claimant at a time when empathy is vital. Our Rocket Reporting application addresses all of these challenges head-on. The flexible nature of the solution means loss adjusters can gather information pertinent to that claim in less time and create a digital report from a site visit at the touch of a button. 

“In addition, the ability to create swift and accurate digital reports not only supports faster claims settlements but provides the foundation for Woodgate & Clark to further automate claims data gathering and readies the business to leverage AI as we work with Rocket to evolve the platform.

“This is a great example of the way in which Woodgate & Clark is innovating to ensure we, our insurer customers and claimants benefit from the latest technologies to offer an enhanced claims experience that fully maximises the skills and years of experience our adjusters bring to each claim.”

Dieter Schäfer, Managing Director of Rocket Enterprise Solutions adds: “Woodgate & Clark shares our passion for efficient claims processing, by embracing the latest insurance technologies. Together, we have expanded our software solution to integrate their processes so that on-site reports can be created quickly and easily. This the just the start though and we’re excited to work with the team at Woodgate & Clark to explore other areas that can be supported by our solutions.”

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